1. Get in touch

Reach out through our Contact Us page. Share all the info you can to help us tailor support for your hospital's needs - your location, products you use, any problems you have, and what matters most to you.

2. Form your team

We'll jump on a call or visit you in person to discuss how our program can benefit your hospital and who you need involved at each stage.

We know hospitals are complex places and sustainability is a team effort, so we’ll help you identify the key people for your hospital.

3. Pick a starting point

Together, we’ll pinpoint opportunities for sustainability and cost savings within your hospital, based on the products you’re already using.

4. Start collections

Reduce your waste by filling our collection bags, we'll make the rest happen. Whether you decide to purchase the remanufactured devices or not, we’ll happily take your used devices off you, no strings attached.

How do collections work?
Our collections process can be tailored to fit hospitals of any size. We’ll work alongside you to set things up and spread the word. We supply reusable collection equipment free of charge, all you have to do is fill it! We handle all of the logistics - from arranging pickups all the way to our facilities.
5. Close the loop

Buying back your collected devices once remanufactured is the best way to deliver impact - this functions identically to introducing any substitute product into your hospital - you already use the original device if we’re collecting it.

6. Grow your impact

Our reporting, data, and regular check-ins will help ensure your remanufacturing program delivers the greatest benefit, and you’re recognised for it. 

Our program is designed to fit straight into your hospital with minimal disruption while making a significant impact on your sustainability. We want to free up resources so you can better serve patients and the community.

Let’s make your hospital impact, positive. 

Make your hospital more sustainable
Make your hospital more sustainable
Help us to change healthcare, for good.
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