Medsalv exists to make healthcare sustainable
Medsalv was born out of a desire to eliminate the growing environmental and financial waste in New Zealand's Healthcare Sector.


Simply put, single-use device reprocessing is the practice of taking a medical device that if treated properly, is clinically safe and suitable for reuse, despite it being labeled ‘single use’.

These processes utilise a variety of proprietary equipment not found in hospital Sterile Service Departments, and therefore cannot be undertaken by hospitals themselves. As a result, every day, thousands of supposedly ‘single-use’ medical devices are dispensed to landfill when they could be safely and economically reprocessed for reuse.


In dollar terms, we think this equates to more than $100 million dollars per year of unnecessary public healthcare expenditure, and we're setting out to change that.


Our mission is to make New Zealand's healthcare system more sustainable and cost efficient.

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What we do

We help New Zealand Hospitals be more sustainable. 

We do this by reducing the cost of devices and by reducing the volume of Single-Use Devices sent to landfill

Our Supporters

We have been lucky to receive support from a number of exclusive funding partners, helping us deliver more sustainable healthcare to New Zealand

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