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Single-use device reprocessing is the practice of taking a used medical device, making it clinically safe and suitable for reuse, despite it being labeled ‘single use'.

Reprocessing Single-Use medical Devices (SUDs) involves sorting, cleaning, inspecting, function testing, sterilizing and packaging of SUDs for safe clinical re-use.

Reprocessing processes utilise a variety of proprietary equipment not found in hospital Sterile Service Departments, and therefore cannot be undertaken by hospitals themselves. As a result, every day, thousands of supposedly ‘single-use’ medical devices are dispensed to landfill when they could be safely and economically reprocessed for reuse.

Reprocessing enables the cost-effective re-use of thousands of devices that would normally end up in landfill after a single use.

Reprocessing single-use medical devices has three key benefits for healthcare providers 

Sustainable Patient Care

Reprocessing generated savings can be reinvested into advanced patient care initiatives, meaning more patients can be treated.

Financial Sustainability

Hospitals dramatically reduce supply costs without compromising the quality and safety of their
devices, due to the increased frequency and thorough nature of inspections and quality control.

Environmental Sustainability

Reprocessing directly reduces the volume of hospital waste generated. Lower waste volumes allow for the recycling of devices after the can no longer be reprocessed, eliminating the majority of landfill waste

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