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About us:

Medsalv was started in 2017 on the back of a conversation between Oliver Hunt and his Uncle, about waste in the health system. In the 2.5 years since, we’ve been supported by a number of influential New Zealand organisations and we have successfully started to change the face of NZ healthcare:


Our Vision is to make healthcare more sustainable by reducing the negative impacts of single-use medical devices. We do this by reprocessing these devices, so that they can be used many more times than once.

This both reduces the landfill and carbon emissions costs, as well as the actual costs - which means more people get access to healthcare for less money as a result of our work.


We’re not the first company to reprocess single-use medical devices, but we are the only one south of the equator. We have built our business model differently, to make the benefits of reprocessing accessible to health systems of all sizes.  

About you:

We are looking for smart, talented, people who think big and know how to execute at every level.

We do good quality work and we do it rapidly, so we stay responsive to our customers.

We want people who are comfortable working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where they will be challenged every day. Success will require you to learn quickly and use your initiative while working under pressure. 


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