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Behind the lines Part 2: The green bit on our logo

Our Logo helps us tell our story, and draw attention to the problem we are solving

This green line represents what New Zealand's Ministry for the Environment Call the Circular Economy.

The green lower line in our logo represents salvage: Salvage of value, to New Zealanders, from what is usually waste.

This green line complements the black one, showing the path of a device passed through reprocessing an back to the hospital.

  1. Each device is imported (97% of NZ's medical devices are imported)

  2. Each device is used in a Hospital

  3. Instead of going to landfill, devices are collected from hospitals and transported to Medsalv.

  4. The device is sorted; Devices suitable for reprocessing are forwarded to reprocessing. Damaged devices are recycled where possible.

  5. The device is reprocessed, with thorough inspection throughout.

  6. The device is packaged & returned in 'as good as new or better' condition to Hospitals, and re-used, for a lower price than the original device.

Approximately 16% of all Single Use Medical Devices are good candidates for reprocessing.

This means in New Zealand, well over a million Single use devices can be reprocessed every year.

By Reprocessing Single Use Medical Devices, we are helping New Zealand become cleaner,, more efficieny, and more self sufficient.

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