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Symbolism in Lines: Medsalv's Logo, Part 1

Our Logo helps us tell our story, and draw attention to the problem we are solving

The first part is the black line.

It's our way of describing what New Zealand's Ministry for the Environment calls the linear economy.

This simple black line shows the life of any single use medical device used in New Zealand hospitals today. It's pretty simple:

  1. Each device is imported (97% of NZ's medical devices are imported, and likely closer to 100% of our single use devices)

  2. Each device is used in a Hospital

  3. Each device is disposed of in New Zealand's Landfills.

With 330,000+ surgeries every year, and approx. 20 Single Use Medical Devices in every surgery, this is a tremendous volume of waste.  

Our reprocessing is helping New Zealand hospitals reuse as many of these devices as possible, making hospital funding go further.

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